California Thanksgiving Wines

Thanksgiving is a celebration of the bounties of harvest wrought by farmers. Growing up a farmer’s daughter here in California, I understand the love of the soil, rain, sunlight’s warmth, and the fruited plain. For vineyard farmers, each season presents unique challenges equal to the splendors. It is with this sentiment that we pay homage to the small American wine producers offered by our team here in Napa Valley. Many of these wine producers and growers are run by multiple generations of the same family – all sharing the same devotion to cultivating and crafting outstanding wines for the world to enjoy. These include small, under-the-radar, but stellar producers such as Domaine Della, Schweiger, Matthiasson, Pott, Relic, Snowden, Favia, Mail Road, Kimsey, MacDonald, Corison, Gamble, Hanzell, Gros Ventre, Anthill Farms, Hirsch, Eden Riff, Bergstrom, 00 Wines, Figgins – to name a few. Join me and our entire team as we raise a glass and give a toast of gratitude for their American grit.

Secure these wines now, knowing they will be yours for this Thanksgiving or those to come.