Napa’s Outstanding Mountain Wine

Napa Valley is surrounded by the ancient volcanic peaks of Howell Mountain, Mt Veeder, Diamond Mountain, Spring Mountain, and the tallest of them all – Atlas Peak. Along their hillsides, perched above the fog line, are the famed mountain vineyards of Napa. Here, the vines grow in a mix of white volcanic ash and brick-red soils rich in iron and low-pH levels. The higher elevations and intense sunlight create a temperature swing that allows the grapes to ripen slowly and develop concentrated flavors. The combined results make for power-packed wines offering notes of black and blue fruits, vibrant minerality, and dense-silky tannins, and graceful aging potential. Oenophiles who appreciate earthy, dark-fruit profiles know to purchase from our outstanding inventory of top-name Napa mountain wines. Dunn, O’Shaughnessy, Outpost, ADAMVS, Mayacamas, Pott, Pride Mountain, Acumen, Antica, VinRoc, Lokoya, Spring Mountain, Mithra, Barnett – are just a few of the Napa mountain wines we have in stock and ready to ship.

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