The Iconic Chateau Mouton Rothschild

One of Napoleon III’s greatest legacies was the creation of the Bordeaux Classification of 1855. Wanting to demonstrate the superiority of France’s top-ranked Bordeaux wines at the Exposition Universelle de Paris, he established the formal ranking of Bordeaux’s Chateau wineries. Only four chateaux were initially chosen. Since the vineyards of Mouton Rothschild were owned by an Englishman at the time (SACRILEGE!), it was conspicuously excluded from the official classification as a First Growth. It was not until 1973 that Mouton Rothschild was allowed to rightfully join its other First Growth neighbors, Lafite Rothschild, Latour, Margaux, and Haut Brion.

Today, Mouton Rothschild continues to produce some of the world’s finest and most collectible Bordeaux wine. Each vintage label is uniquely designed by famous artists of the day. But it is what is in the bottle that counts . . . wine that is opulent, layered, and velvety. We are proud to offer our clients an outstanding lineup of multiple vintages of Mouton Rothschild and all the Bordeaux First Growth Chateaux. For every prominent cellar collector, Mouton Rothschild is a must, along with all the First Growth wines of Bordeaux. . . raise a glass and a votre sante!