“My job is to inform, educate, and excite consumers about wine”

caryn_shulbergSome kids grow up drinking milk or soda at dinner. I grew up in Northern California, drinking wine. For as long as I can remember, sharing family meals with fine wines has been my life’s greatest pleasure. As cellarmaster for The San Francisco chapter of Commanderie de Bordeaux for 25 years, my father bestowed his unbridled oenophilia on his children. His passion for wine was infectious. The discussion of vintages, viticulture, wine regions, and tasting notes was my family’s nightly discourse. Gewurztraminer with our spicy take-out Asian food, Rhone blends with Sunday night hamburgers, California Cabs with pizza, and Bordeaux with Mom’s famous Shepard’s Pie were some of our favorite pairings. These epicurean adventures with my family fostered my devotion to wine. While many years have passed since I was a child, the viticultural world is a never-ending pursuit and fills me with endless wonder and boundless joys.

Today, I have the great fortune to have a career creating written content regarding all matters of wine. As a Certified Specialist of Wine and WSET III, I have acquired a commanding knowledge of wine varieties, winemaking, vineyard terroirs, and appellations. My job is to inform, educate, and excite consumers about wine by writing persuasive, clear, and concise copy for digital blogs, website pages, and email marketing campaigns. Collaborating with teams, I research keywords, produce interesting written content, and proofread their work for accuracy and quality. Every wine has a message, a brand voice, and a target audience. Engaging with wine consumers through the written word allows the stories to unfold.