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Part II: The Best Of Sonoma County

Riding on the wings of our previous blog post, in which we listed for our clientele our recommendations for the top Napa Valley luxury hotels, resorts, and dining destinations, we now turn to Napa’s larger but more laid-back counterpart, Sonoma County. More expansive a land mass, Sonoma County is almost double the size of Napa […]


Part I: The Best of Napa Valley

  It is no wonder that Napa and Sonoma Counties draw visitors from all over the world. The vineyard-lined hillsides and valleys, towering redwood and eucalyptus forests, rugged Pacific coastlines, and Mediterranean climate lure visitors like a Siren’s call. These wine country destinations are also home to some of the most indulgent and luxurious getaways, […]


The Napa Valley AVAs

When oenophiles say they love Napa Cabs, it is a bit deceiving. Why? Because Napa, the appellation, is comprised of 16 sub-appellation AVAs. Each of the Napa Valley AVAs has distinct terroir attributes and nuances due to ancient volcanoes that once existed here. Pre-historic seabeds which enveloped the area, prolific tectonic activity, undulating valleys, and […]


Thanksgiving Pairings for America’s Diverse Palates

Like an excellent field-blend wine, Americans are an amalgamation of people and immigrants from different cultural traditions. However, this beautifully produces our families full of layered complexity and exciting flavors. It only makes sense that meals with an international savior-faire are a traditional part of our holiday celebrations. We are a nation of immigrants bringing […]


Everything Chardonnay

Think fast . . . When a host offers you a glass of “white wine,” what is the first wine variety that pops into your head? Chardonnay, of course! It is the world’s most popular white wine grape as it produces a vast range of wine styles to suit every palate. A winegrowers’ dream comes […]


Considering Oregon and California Pinot Noir

“Pinot Noir country. My grape. The one varietal that truly enchants me both stills and steals my heart with its elusive loveliness and false promises of transcendence. I loved her, and I would continue to follow her siren call until my wallet – or liver, whichever came first –gave out.” – Rex Pickett, Sideways In […]


Champagne Champagne!

“Champagne, Champagne the wine divine, makes me forget my troubles. One dollar worth of wine. Four dollars’ worth of bubbles!” – Old English Champagne toast It’s hard not to be captivated by the roiling fizz and sparkle of Champagne. Tiny bubbles rise through our glass and transport aromas reminiscent of freshly baked pastries, almonds, apples, […]


A Burgundian Bud Break Celebration

Bud break is the magical start of a vineyard’s growing season and is always a welcome sign of new beginnings. It reminds us that life goes on no matter how bleak the winter and better days are on the horizon. Nowhere is this more felt than in Burgundy, where last year’s spring buds were hit […]


Blame It on Napoleon: Burgundy’s Grand Crus Explained

How Did Burgundy Become So Intricate? Deciphering Burgundy’s dizzying patchwork of more than 100 different appellations is often described as frustrating, complicated, and confusing. Before the French Revolution occurred in 1789, Burgundy’s most prominent and best vineyards belonged to Cistercian monks and the French bourgeoisie from the 17th century. It was straightforward: Royals with lots […]