Motherland of Chardonnay

The original Motherland of Chardonnay is Burgundy. This white grape variety is the reigning Queen, but she wears many different crowns depending on her court. In the Northern reaches of Burgundy lays Chablis, where the cool climate combined with the chalky Kimmeridgian soils brings a varietal expression of flinty notes and taunt brightness to Chardonnay wines. Further south in the Cote d’Or court is the Grand Crus of Montrachet, where the climate is warmer, and vineyards are planted on easterly and southern-facing slopes, making the most of the sun’s morning rays. Often considered the finest of Burgundy’s Chardonnay wines, Montrachets demonstrate a rounder, more complex, and age-worthy taste profile. And finally, the third of Burgundy’s white wine royalties is Meursault. This region of the Cote de Beaune traditionally produces Chardonnay wines with more decadent aromas and a fuller body. Meursault’s Premier Cru wines demonstrate the Queen’s ability to be a powerhouse of ripe apples, butter, and hazelnut combined with a beautifully balanced structure. No matter your white-Burgundy preferences, we offer them all. Become a part of the Queen’s entourage and secure the noble Chardonnays of Burgundy today!