The Best of Burgundy is Yet to Come

Patience, forethought, and hope. . . these are the attributes most needed when purchasing recent vintages of the Premier Cru wines of Burgundy. Patience is needed if you are going to drink the wines in the future, as these wines can take up to 30 years to develop fully. Forethought is the planning that it takes to cellar these prized wines for years to come. It may be the deliberate foresight to one day gift to your young child for their future wedding or a special birthday, or perhaps, it is the executive planning it takes to invest in these wines, knowing they become a part of your diversified retirement plan. Most of all, youthful vintages require hope. It is the intrinsic belief in the wines’ ability to age gracefully, hold their value, and be appreciated for all time. Our allotments of pre-arrival 2017, 2018, and 2019 Burgundy wines will soon be in our warehouse and include producers like Faively, Bouchard Pere & Fils, Laroze Drouhin, Arnaud Mortet, Joseph Drouhin, Laurent Ponsot, and Domaine Leflaive – just to name a few. Find our entire list of these youthful vintages from Burgundy on our website, and secure these wines now, knowing they will be yours for the best years to come.