The Southern Hospitality Cellar

Today, we bring to you: The Southern Hospitality Cellar.

Consummately congenial and consistently demonstrating the utmost generosity towards their guests, true Southern hosts go out of their way to make friends and acquaintances feel special, appreciated, and honored. This cellar comes from a couple in the hospitality business in the deep south, so it is no wonder they amassed only the finest wines for their beloved guests. Recognizing that food and wine are best shared with others, they sought to acquire an outstanding collection full of California’s most exclusive cult Cabernet, Chardonnay, Rhone blends, and Pinot Noir wines, as well as “prize” bottles and magnums of gorgeous Champagnes.

They spared no expense in building an immaculately appointed cellar constantly kept at ideal temperatures. With years of maintaining their status on the most sought-after allocation lists, they carefully made their seasonal wine selections directly from the wineries. With wines from venerable producers such as Scarecrow, Hundred Acre, Futo, Williams Selyem, Aubert, and many more, their dinner company was sure to be treated to the kindness of Southern hospitality.

No matter what part of the world our clients call home, we are delighted to offer this newest cellar collection so that some Southern charm may grace your gatherings wherever you reside.