Wines Scored 98+ and Higher

Within the wine industry, wine critics have the essential role of reviewing wines and giving each wine a score or rating. Through years of extensive tastings, they train and refine their palettes to discern every nuance of a wine’s mouthfeel, aroma, complexity, and balance – or lack thereof! But more importantly, they possess the keen ability to communicate their reasonings for the appointed scores adeptly. The critic’s assessments act as wine consumers’ gauge for which wines to purchase. With 98-to-100-point scores, no wine consumer will come away disappointed, as wines awarded these scores are considered among the finest available. Additionally, these wines are inherently age-worthy and sure to increase in value as the years go by.

We offer an awe-inspiring array of highly-scored and in-demand wines available anywhere. If you are a collector looking for only the truly exceptional, look no further! Peruse our list of 98+ Bordeaux and New World wines to ensure you are collecting only the best!